Purchasing the SLR camera might just be your best investment of the year. For a fact, this digital camera is much easier to operate than previous market models. They are ten times faster and powerful to capture incredible shots. Having the camera is not enough until you have the full set of accompanying accessories. There are those SLR accessories that are optional while others that are essential is not must-have. This article provides further insight that will be helpful when Purchasing DSLR camera accessories.

The Must-Have

If your SLR camera does not arrive with any accessories, here are some of the must-haves. These devices protect the users’ camera ensuring that it remains clean? You will not have to spend a fortune on expensive photography. It remains foolish to ignore other low-cost accessories that might result in losing your initial investments.

Ultra-Violet Filters

extra fitersTo begin, you need a standard ultra-violet filter that goes on your lens. This ensures your images are not affected by haziness that might affect the sharpness of your pictures. It is best suited to protect the sensitivity of your lens. Filters comprise of an extra piece of glass stationed between your lens and your outside world. On scratching a filter, you lose way less than scratching the lens.

Microfiber Clothing Accompanied by Cleaning Solutions for the Lens

It is highly recommended that microfiber cloth is exclusively used when cleaning your camera lens. This is due to the lens’ optical sensitivity. Any foreign substances or stains such as oils can be easily wiped off by the microfiber cloth. No other material is best suited to perform this task. Also, microfiber cloth and its cleaning solutions are affordable. They hardly go for more than ten dollars and can be used for over 12 months.

A Camera-Friendly Traveling Bag

When traveling with lots of luggage, there might arise accidents from hard pressing all your items n one place. With the DSLR camera bags, this becomes a thing of the past. During their design, the bags are ergonomically fitted to accommodate your camera and other items. This ensures that everything is safe, including its accessories which fit into the side pockets.

An Extra Battery

This accessory is quite self-explanatory. There are times when you are out on a nature walk or adventure trip and lose incredible shots just because your camera had run out of power. When shooting in cold weather, the chances of this happening are increased tremendously. The only way to extend your recording sessions is by carrying extra batteries. They do not cost much, yet their benefit cannot be trivialized. One extra battery is enough.


Extra Memory

To increase your memory space, you need a camera. You do not have to get a super card that will cost a fortune. Anything that holds more than the default SD card is good enough to ensure you do not run out of storage space and start deleting old pictures or videos. The best way to get intricate pictures is by taking lots of different angles then selecting one. To achieve this, your memory space matters a great deal.