There are many things that you can do to make your garden or lawn  beautiful: using the right equipment, smart plant arrangements, fertilizer application, using healthy soil and providing sufficient water and sunlight. Homeowners should have reliable garden sprayers for applying pesticides, herbicides, and water. There are different types of lawn sprayers on the current market.

Homeowners should choose the right type of equipment. Conducting research can help you in selecting the best piece of equipment for spraying your garden or lawn. A good sprayer should meet your needs without breaking the bank. These equipments work differently and they have different benefits.

There are different types pump styles including piston and diaphragm pumps the later is more durable and it can be used for different spray formulas such as wettable powders. Such powders can lead to wearing out of the piston pumps as they stay suspended in liquid instead of dissolving. On the other hand, piston pumps can provide great pressure as compared to the diaphragm styles. They are mainly used for spraying water-soluble products. Choosing the right equipment can help you in saving money and time. Outlined here below are the primary types of lawn sprayers:

Powered Sprayers

These are special sprayers which can be fitted with different options such as sprayer guns, hoses, hose reels, nozzles, booms and spray guns. It can be customized to meet the user’s needs. They are gasoline or battery powered. They are well-designed to carry a great amount of liquid. They sprayers are excellent for large area applications and spot spraying. Its handheld models have optional booms.

Handheld Sprayers

They work by pressurizing the air left in their tanks once they get filled with liquid. The amount of air is increased when the sprayer is emptying. This means that the user has to keep on stopping the pump more often. You will be required to pressurize more if the tank as less liquid. These sprayers are economical. They have a small capacity that makes them more portable.

Backpack Sprayers

With this equipment, pressurization takes place in the small tank. They come with a small tank which compresses the liquid before it is pushed out by pulling the trigger. Its key benefits include easy pressure control and carrying a great amount of liquid.

Wheeled Sprayers

These pieces of equipment are used for spraying large areas like gravel drives, yards, or small fields. You can also use them to deuce large areas during winter. They are known for carrying a great amount of liquid and their consistent application rate. However, this equipment is not ideal for spot spraying.